Home Remodeling: The Rule of Pick Two

            “I want it done NOW, I want it for cheap, and I want it done right!” Three standards that most homeowners expect from their professional remodeler: cheap, fast, and good.


            Everyone wants his or her project done at as low cost as possible. This era of HGTV definitely brings a lot of awareness to the remodeling and design industries, and no doubt has helped make home remodeling popular; but it has also brought with it a wave of consumers who underestimate the cost of most remodeling projects, in particularly the cost of materials and labor. My guess is that most remodelers on television are not worried about profit and overhead being worked into the cost of their job, as much as they are about having more viewers and royalties from the production company or network. Though this may be the case, good, professional remodelers are always their customer's advocate, and should always fight for the most cost effective solutions for homeowners, especially if affordability is the customers top priority. Affordable projects and staying under budget is what studies show the millennial generation values the most when determining which professional remodeler to use on their remodeling project.


            Everyone wants his or her project done as quickly as possible. You can’t blame anybody for this one either, after all, people are working in your home or on your property. Home remodeling is many times invasive and for a period of time can make a homeowner feel like their privacy is being violated or throw them temporarily out of routine. Even when using the most professional and courteous remodelers this is just plain hard to avoid. Most professional remodelers plan ahead and have at least some form of a production timeline or schedule. However, no matter how well planned the project is, there is almost always some kind of hicchup that comes with a remodeling project that can slow down production.


            Quality. What every good business owner puts first in his or her list of company values. Studies show that baby boomers hold quality workmanship and high-end building materials as the most valuable indicator of who to use when choosing a professional remodeler to do their project. Quality is the most important aspect of a remodeling project. If it’s done right the first time with the right materials it can save money and time down the road. Always consult a professional to receive insight into the most quality building materials and on the correct building techniques.

The Rule of Pick Two

            I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t have all three standards on your remodeling project. If someone tells you that you can, RUN!  Either they’ll be out of business soon or they are lying to you about the quality of work they’re providing. While you can’t have all three of them, a homeowner should almost always expect to hold their professional to two of these standards on any given project.

            For example, you can have a well-built addition on your house and have it done quickly; but for a professional to prioritize your project and draw his or her resources away from other projects it’s likely not going to be cheap, especially in a good market. You can have a fast and cheap kitchen remodel, but when your remodeler finishes don’t be surprised to see leaky faucets or find out down the road that corners were cut in order to save costs. And if you expect a fast and cheap remodeler to come back and fix what wasn’t done right the first time, you can also expect that he or she will charge you for the service call. You get the picture.

Bottom Line

            As you plan for your next remodeling project don’t take shortcuts in order to save money, because in the long run you’ll ultimately be shelling out more money to fix what should have been done right the first time. As you are deciding which professional remodeler to use or whether to use a professional remodeling company at all, keep the Rule of Pick Two in mind.

            Never pick cheap and fast, skimping on quality will only come back to bite you in the long run. I sincerely hope this helps you as a homeowner to be a smarter consumer, especially as it pertains to home remodeling projects.