Renovations for Resale (Expanded version from Women's Inc Magazine)

As a home remodeler we get asked often “What will be the best thing to remodel in my house in order to get the most out of it?” Most people would agree, that if your house has structural issues, roof leaks, HVAC problems—get those fixed first.  Don’t try to sell a house with a bunch of problems.  After all of the major issues are taken care of, now you can think about the items that will make your house look more appealing to a buyer at a higher price compared to your neighbors’ houses.


Here are 4 renovations (in no particular order) that will help make your house shine!


1.    Exterior Lipstick– people generally start making assumptions the minute they drive up to the house whether they will buy it or not. If your house has a garage door that’s dented in, shrubs overgrown, or paint peeling off it will be harder for someone to get past that even if you have an immaculate interior. Statistics show that garage door replacements, simple landscaping, and siding repair and replacements will give you more bang for your buck when you’re trying to sell your house.


To boost curb appeal on the project in the picture we cut down the forest in front of the house, painted the exterior, replaced the roof, and added a picket fence. This changes the whole look of the house!


2. Kitchen Makeover- I may be a bit biased here because there is nothing more fun than tearing out walls in an old house. But I believe that having a more open floor plan makes your house feel bigger which will help it to sell. Opening your kitchen up to the living room or hearth room will make your home feel more spacious and inviting.  Countertops are also important. In some neighborhoods plastic laminate tops, such as Formica, won’t make much of a difference for resale. However, Quartz and Granite have quickly become the industry standard in most houses. Even in a 1,000 square foot house, stone countertops can make your house stand out among the rest.

3. Master Bathroom Transformation- The master bathroom is a mysterious one for me. I can shower, brush my teeth, and use the bathroom in a 30 square foot space every day and be fine. However, as a married man I know that women prefer more space in the morning to get ready for the day. For that reason, if you have room to expand, in some cases it may make sense to enlarge your master bath by cutting into your bedroom.

One trend we are seeing a lot is the “smooth transition shower.” We have taken fiberglass showers out and installed smooth transition showers with tile and cultured marble in several of our customers’ houses. For some customers, it’s an absolute necessity due to health issues. For others though, they are planning for the future or what we call “Aging in Place.” They are preparing to be in the house for the last 30, 40, 50 years of their lives, so they plan ahead for the time when they may need a smooth transition shower to keep from having to step over a curb.   

Wright Bathroom.jpg

4. Floors and Paint- This point is probably the most obvious of all the points. If you have shaggy orange carpet…….first, you need to mow it to make sure there is nothing from the 70’s living in there, then get it out of your house and replace it with something nice! Luxury Vinyl flooring is really popular right now. But a lot of people still prefer hardwoods and tile. At any rate, getting new flooring and fresh (PROFESSIONAL) paint will make your house really stand out. Word to the DIY’ers: If you can paint well, go for it. If you can’t—hire a professional. My dad always says, “A good painter can make a bad carpenter look good. A bad painter can make great carpenter look bad.”

When you’re getting ready to sell, just remember that you don’t necessarily want to remodel for your own specific tastes, but to the masses that will be looking to purchase your home. If all you do is update your home to fit into current century, your house will be in a much better position when it hits the market.

Master Bath Refresh

This master bath was brought into the 2019 needing a refreshment like never before. With this tub/shower you can see how putting a tile deco-band through the middle of the cultured marble can break it up to give the shower more life. The frameless glass shower door also gives it an elegant look that we love!

See the pictures below:

Updated Guest Bath

This guest bath needed a little bit of love to get it where the customer was satisfied. We opened up the shower room by enlarging the cased opening to make the whole bathroom feel bigger. We updated the vanity by painting it and putting a new cultured marble top on to refresh the look. The shower took a whole new look when we changed out the fiberglass unit for a new cultured marble shower with tile deco-band and frameless glass door.

Check out the pictures below!

Wheelchair Accessible Shower Remodel

We are very excited for Bob to be able to use the shower in his house without the concern of falling. This shower remodel was a very practical way for Bob and Mary to stay in the house they have loved and cared for for years, but still get the use they need out of it. See below what they have said about this shower!

"Love it, love it, love it! Thank you so very much for your 5 star diligence and efforts! Should future needs arise, will definitely use you again! Bob uses all of the grab bars. Prior to this shower renovation, Bob would be weak for hours after showering. Now, although tired after showering, Bob’s energy is no longer decimated, and even laughed afterwards. I no longer worry about falls. It is changing our lives. Thank you, Hendricks Remodeling. Please thank all who worked on it as well! 
Appreciatively, Mary & Bob W
." (Conway, AR)

Garage Conversion to Wheelchair Accessible Father-in-Law Suite

Just finished up a project in Catherine's Place to turn an existing detached garage/shop into a father-in-law suite. The garage itself was 425 square feet of open space with a concrete ramp and sidewalk access. 

Customer wanted us to make the whole space wheelchair accessible. They also wanted a bathroom with a roll-in shower, and a private bedroom. 

We turned this regular old garage into a upscale suite including granite countertops, marble roll-in shower, and custom cabinetry.

Check out the pictures below!


South Conway Bathroom Upgrade

Our most recent bathroom upgrade in South Donaghey consisted of tearing out the outdated tub and surround, flooring, and lavatory top. We then updated it with a new American Standard steel tub with beautiful tile surround that the owners picked out. The flooring was a wood-look tile that went great with their new granite countertops. 

Let us know what you think! 


Home Remodeling: Predicting Recouped Costs From Your Project

Will I Recoup the Cost of My Remodeling Project When I Sell My House?

            When considering a home remodeling project homeowners often ask themselves or their professional remodeler what kind of return on investment they can expect from their specific project. As you can imagine ROI on a home remodeling project can be difficult to assess, especially since no two remodeling projects are exactly the same.

            Fortunately for us and our customers, Remodeling Magazine has worked hard to compile national data in the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report ( According to the Cost vs. Value Report homepage this database consists of 29 different types of remodeling jobs at different price levels split up by region. The data is comprised from surveys given to remodeling professionals and real estate professionals. Job Costs are based on hiring a professional to complete the project. 

          While most remodeling projects’ actual resale value comes in lower than the job cost according to the Cost vs. Value Report, there are in fact a few that show over 100% recouped cost for resale, on average. Among the higher resale valued jobs are:

o   Midrange Family Room Additions

o   Midrange Manufactured Stone Veneer (along 1/3 bottom of the front of a home)

o   Upscale Universal Design Bathroom

o   Upscale Grand Entrance

              Also note the high percentage of recouped cost on midrange bathrooms and kitchens. The fact that most of these remodeling projects’ resale values show to be lower than actual job cost, draws me to one general conclusion: that most of our customers, and maybe you if you are reading this, desire their remodeling project to give them a high return on “live-in value.” You should invest in the project and expect to regain a significant portion of the job cost with resale, knowing that the rest of the job cost that is not recouped can be made up for by many years of enjoying living in the newly remodeled home. If it’s your “forever home” or “until the kids grow up home”, then resale value may not be as big of a concern.

              By assessing you and your family’s personal needs and wants, together with this data at your finger tips you are able to make wiser, more informed decisions about investing in the remodeling project you have been considering. I encourage you to check it out! Little Rock is among one of the cities in the West South Central Region, which reflects surrounding areas such as Conway and Maumelle as well. (